Machine Features

• 21.5" Full HD touch Screen.
• High fidelity Sound system, TITO (Ticket in/ Ticket
  out) same as Casino operation.
• Certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

Game and System Features

• Up to 20 Cards in format of 5 X 3.
• Multi-denomination and payout to multi-pattern.
• Blackout (cover all) within the first 30 balls to win an
  extra 10,000X of the bet amount.
• Buy Extra Balls for a chance to win Jackpot
• Buy Extra Balls to win Free Balls: randomly
  rewarded with the next Extra Ball free of charge
• Buy Extra Balls to win Tai-Chi (Wild Ball):
  players choose the next best winning number of their
• Adjustable game speed.
• Efficient Accounting system with accurate reports.