Yi Lu Fa Jackpot Feature

When any Gold appear on reels 1,2 and 3, it triggers the second level of the Yi Lu Fa feature game randomly. In addition to the award of the jackpot in the feature game, Players have a chance to earn more. If the prize value displayed on the overhead jackpot signage is different to the one displayed on the gaming machine, The payout will be the value shown on the overhead jackpot signage multiply the extra percentage by Yi Lu Fa feature game.

Yi Lu Fa

There are 15 Tai-Chi (Wild Ball) in the Yi Lu Fa feature game. It consists of 11 percentage symbols and 4 jackpot symbols. By selecting Tai-Chi (Wild Ball) there is a chance to either win a percentage to Jackpot x100% or end up withe one level of jackpot. The total winning will be the total percentage in Jackpot x100% times the chosen level of jackpot. The maximum value of selecting all 11 Tai-Chi (Wild Ball) of percentage is 168%. The jackpot win is not available for double up (if available).