Jackpot compatible with the following two Express Bingo games:

• Atlantis
• Open Sesame

Mega Bingo Progressive Jackpot

• A Multi-linked Progressive Jackpot.
• Dynamic Jackpot prizes:
  - Total Bet Php4 for a chance to win more than
   - Total Bet Php8 for a chance to win more than
   - Total Bet Php12, 16 &20 for a chance to win
     more than P100,000

• Achieve Bingo ( Block out or Cover All )
   within the first 30 balls to hit the Mega Bingo.
• The contribution is only from the normal 30 Balls bet.

I Love Money Mystery Jackpot

• A Multi-linked Mystery Jackpot.

• The Heart Meter on the top left corner will
  accumulate once Extra Balls are purchased, and the
  game will proceed into Jackpot mini game when the
  meter turns gold.

• A waiting period of 30 seconds is given for players
   to join before the game proceeds into Jackpot Mini
   Game; this allows multiples candidate to compete
   for the Jackpot.

• Once the participants enter the Jackpot mini game,
   a Cupid will appear to shoot arrows at 15 red hearts.
   Those hearts that are shot will turn gold. The first
   player to change all hearts gold will be the winner.

• Multi-winner is possible in the same Jackpot game;
   maximum of 3 players can be the winner.
   The contribution for this Jackpot is only from the
   Extra Balls bet.